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Traffic Issue


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Northshore Elementary at the corner of 34th Ave NE and 1st Street is a traffic disaster for pick up on week days afternoons.

The new pattern established last year has traffic backed up turning right onto 1st St from 34th Ave NE going west and also completely blocks the right lane going north on 1st St while people wait to turn right into the school.

This means that during pick up, anyone who wants to go straight on 34th or right on 1st but not into the school has to wait for many iterations of the light or illegally go thru the intersection from the left turn lane.

Please consider modifying this pattern or provide traffic direction at the intersection.

In addition, last year a traffic cone on 34th Ave NE near Oak Street was removed. Please replace it this year while the school zone is action bc it is difficult to see the flashing light from Oak when turning onto 34th going west.

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