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Commercial Fire Safety Inspection Request


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The Peerless Rug Co. is remodeling apartments that have not been used in decades. There are 5 lots for the company that have been combined on the first floor for the showroom. There are no fire walls between the buildings. The new apartments are a significant fire risk as the carpet company building is stuffed full from the floor to the rafters with fuel for a fire. Carpets are packed together. No maintenance or very little since 1938. The building is infested with rats, bats and pigeons. There is a strong odor of a chemical solvent in and behind the building - smells like cleaning fluid or dry cleaning fluid. No one is sure if it is flammable.

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Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Apartments added to commerical building infested with rodents, birds, solvent odors, Carpets packed on all levels of the building. Significant fire risk to any tenant that lives in the remodeled apartments

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