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New Haven


Parking Violation/Abandoned Auto


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there are 4 cars parked on this corner on first st and howard ave #1 is a white chevy van on moves this van when they clean the streets then #2 is a blk merceds this car has been reported over the past 2 yrs had expired texas plates on it has been ticketed a number o f times needs to be removed from our street.#3 older model bmw green and white has vermont plated on it has never left this street in the past 2 yrs only gats moved in the summer when the streets get cleaned time to remove it permently #4 a tan mercedes station wagon another eye sore these cars are taken up 4 parking space which should be for the folks paying car taxes and insurance and registration in ct. we watch the folks who own these cars push them by hand all over firsty street to move them the ones they can start they have to put a battery in it right now i think they havd no batteries in a few of these cars .its time to stop puting tickets on these cars and tow them away enough is enough.

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