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Corner of Church and Lawrence Street is the gateway to one neighborhood on Lawrence, and one of the longest traffic lines daily on Church (for those leaving town at the end of the work day). Such a high use area, but it needs a cross walk, the road needs so much repair (cobblestones are showing through). Man, would a light be great there. Its just kind of a free-for-all right now, with people trying to use the turn lane to beat each other out of waiting in traffic (kinda' like what happens at the entrance to Storrow Drive!) making it really dangerous for bikes, walkers, and the neighborhood in general. Because of the poor condition of the road, I've seen lots of folks struggle to stop quickly for a pedestrian or another car after they've gunned it to improve their traffic position. Plus, the hole corner is just such an eyesore. Not to mention the nutty parking thing thats starting to creep on to Lawrence street creating more obstacles to get around (and I know that parking is going to have to happen, especially with downtown and back central being so congested so i appreciate the quest to try to improve!)...some lines were recently painted, but unfortunately the paint job resembles a piece of rotini pasta because the potholes at the corner were so bad that they shook the paint truck. looking forward to a little extra attention! The side streets off lawrence look sooo nice with the sidewalk improvement, etc! really adds charm to a little urban neighborhood.


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