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hideous squealing and peeling out on this street Archived

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This might be the wrong place to post this. Lawrence Street between Church and Rogers has had a history of cars peeling out (so some of them are parked and visiting or living in the area) or driving down lawrence st at a remarkably unreasonable speed. Its increased noticeably in the last few months. I'm sure there is an identifiable reason for that, but not sure what it is. Last Summer I was in my yard when a Pomeranian was hit and killed. It was a terrible terrible thing to witness, and i think about it every time I hear the cars leaving rubber on my street, or go by at a speed that is so fast and loud that i have to tell the person that i'm on the phone with to hold on until their revving engine has passed. Sure its annoying, an inconvenience.... and some of it is just city living. But this really feels like a hazard that has gone on and resulted in bad things. Pulling out of the driveway is a trip (in a bad way). I've seen the "you are going this speed" sign in other areas...what about something like that? i know that the neighborhood would actually WANT to see a speed bump installed, but of course that's not realistic.


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