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Business Complaint


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O'Haras is a total nightmare. The constant drunken street brawls outside of this establishment and the trashy crowds of patrons who not only scream all night, they leave tons of trash, bottles and cans behind them on the sidewalk every night. Not to mention all the idiots out front idling on motorcycles revving their engines loudly at 3am thinking they are being cute and nobody says a word.

Last night at 2am there was yet another huge drunken street brawl in the middle of Marin Blvd and I watched as two guys punched each other until one knocked the other one out flat in the middle of Marin Blvd. Then the women started going at it on first street until the JCPD finally chased them down too... As soon as the JCPD left the women were back along with their male companions and screaming and trying to kill each other until 3am... They were so drunk that they could barely stand, and then got in their cars and drove off. That's the norm. The crowds openly fight in the middle of the street blocking traffic and nobody does a damned thing... The police need to stay on top of this place as it is a well known hot-spot for drunken brawls and last year even a murder. Yet it took the JCPD 20 minutes to show up AGAIN.

The liquor license of this place needs to be revoked until they get their trashy weekend crowds under control. They are a serious nuisance and a threat to public safety now. The local residents have a right to the enjoyment of their own homes and not to be terrorized by this constant stream of trashy drunken patrons from O'Haras. I assure you that everyone living on Saddlewood and Laurel Court, and in the Art House building are totally fed up with O'Haras and wish it would just shut down.

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Q. What is the name of the business?
A. O'Haras Pub
Q. What is the issue?
A. Alcohol & Beverage Control

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