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There was an event at the Clubhouse, swimming pool attendees, two food trucks obstructing parking spaces in front of clubhouse and hence, there were no parking spaces available. Therefore, I parked in front of approximately 415 Retreat Lane in Traditions by the Clubhouse. An angry handwritten note was placed on my windshield saying my car was illegally parked and a few days later I received a letter from the PPM Community Manager for the Creek View at Traditions Owners Associations, Inc. stating that my vehicle was parked in a no parking area at curbside. They continued to threaten towing if my vehicle, at my expense, if their parking policy is violated in the future. Please advise who controls the laws/rules for this street's parking rules. I am not a resident/member of this Owners Associations and there are no signs posted against parking on this street. How is a person to know any unusual parking terms if they are not notified. Please clarify who is in control of streets and parking in Wake Forest. Thank you.

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