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Streets (Street Lights)


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I had posted this issue earlier, but it was closed by the city:

"Can you please look into changing the timing of the traffic light on the corner of Edgewater and Beach Park? With the construction and only one northbound lane on Edgewater, northbound traffic at this light is starting to get really bad (especially during the morning commute hours). It seems that the northbound Edgewater green light only stays green for a limited amount of time even though there are still cars in line headed north. This causes northbound cars to have to wait at this light for multiple cycles. Due to the construction, traffic would be greatly improved if this northbound light could stay green longer. I don't think the Beach Park cross traffic would suffer that much since there are not nearly as many cars going in this direction. Thank you!"

This problem still exists and is worse since school started. The line of cars headed north stuck at this light is often 20-25 cars deep (reaching past the Citibank). The northbound green light only lasts long enough for about 8-10 cars to pass due to the fact that there is only one northbound lane. Please, please - is there any way that northbound green can stay green for longer? If not, can you explain why? The traffic in other directions is never more than 3 or 4 cars deep. Thank you.

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