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Julia Keen



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signs, traffic


The constituent is requesting a stop sign where a yield sign is on E Aviation WB on Ramp West of E Barraza-Aviation Pkwy & S Alvernon Wy. "The on ramp from Alvernon way to west 210. There is a yield sign there, however, people treat it as if it's an on ramp to a major freeway and blow past the sign and try to merge into traffic coming from Golflinks road. There have been accidents because people don't yield to the traffic on Aviation. On the day I made the complaint, I was nearly smashed into by a large semi that did not yield, one of those experiences that leave you shaking. And it's not the first time. When I come off Golflinks road to Aviation, I try and get over to the left lane quickly as to avoid any traffic trying to merge from Alvernon way. Hope this helps!"

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