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Traffic Sign Repair Acknowledged

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Traffic Sign Repair


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Please have painters come and apply fresh white solid lane lanes as soon as possible, for the swerving lanes going southbound through the Lyndale & Franklin intersection. There is a serious traffic safety hazard occurring for southbound traffic at Lyndale & Franklin intersection. The white solid lane lines, used to keep traffic swerving around the construction along west side of Lyndale, are all worn away, and so traffic in the left southbound lane naturally drives straight forward through the intersection, which sends them unwittingly into the right lane. I’ve seen numerous cars in front of me do this, I’ve even been in a car where the driver was from out of town and did not know they need to serve to stay in their lane. They did not know, because the lane lines are all worn away.

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Q. Enter the address or intersection closest to the traffic sign location
A. Southbound lane lines going through Lyndale & Franklin intersection.
Q. Select the problem
A. Other
Q. If Other, describe the problem
A. Southbound white solid lane lines have been worn away, causing drivers to unwittingly almost run into each other, sometimes at 20-30 mph when light is green.
Q. Sign ID, located on the back of the sign, if available
A. Not sign issue. It’s the white solid lane lines on the roadway.

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