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Road Resurfacing


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This is not a road resurfacing issue but I could not find the appropriate category to list this. This photo is just one of the photos I will upload that concerns the lack of maintenance on Walnut Street from pretty much Central Street past Edison Street. The issues are as follows: The sidewalk grass across form Birch pond has not been maintained in weeks and is over 3 feet high. There is garbage on both sides of the street that has been there for weeks, storm drains are filled with trash and or vegetation and flood Walnut when it rains hard. The welcome to Saugus sign at Fairmount street is covered by overgrown weeds and grass, this entrance piece of land has sprinklers that water the weeds and overgrowth daily. Guard rails on the Birch Pond side closer to Edison are damaged and have been for months. The traffic from Water Street all the way through Elm street is ridiculous, the light sequencing is a definite factor a new study needs to be done to keep Walnut flowing. The Elm street light has road sensors that trip every time 3 cars are on Elm. Despite the fact that there is a right on red the light will stop Walnut traffic every time that 3rd car hits and backs up Walnut. I am just a concerned citizen that believes we can do better. I have worked with Brendan in the past but I have obviously upset him with my diligence. In my defense I asked Brendan for a plan that would keep the street looking presentable and that has never happened so I keep texting him. As for the trash and liter we should post some signs and enforce them, this is a very busy street and it needs to have oversight.

In short I would challenge any Board Member, Town Meeting Member, Town Manage and Brendan himself to drive down Walnut and tell me that is the message we want to send to people in and out of our town.

Lastly, Debra was the first time that I have had anyone call me or respond to me on this issue, she has proven that she cares to me and exemplifies how an elected official should behave.


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