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High Grass/Weeds on Private Property


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We have more pictures. I am submitting this on behalf of a neighbor. The area just being unsightly, because that area is not being well maintained, there is a lot of bugs making it hard to let my children outside without getting bit. Also,the slope seems quite dangerous to me. Additionally, there is a metal rod sticking up that is very hazardous. I want to make sure the area is safe for children. At the eastern end of Birdhouse Ln. There is over growth, weeds, safety fencing, safety fencing and a steep slope. Because of the steep slope I asked Randy Finch if some sort of barrier could be placed there, and the safety fence was what they decided on. I have been trying to keep the safety fence up right and mowing in-between it and my backyard fence for the past year and a half. I am scared that someone will eventually hurt themselves because the safety fence is only temporary and will not hold someone’s weight to prevent a fall. I hope that something could be placed there permanently like the fence on the retaining wall across from my property and a less steep slope.

If the road is going to stop at my property, I assume that Lennar will not leave it the way that it is. I hope that somehow it is made more presentable and safer, maybe rounded like a small cul-de-sac.

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