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I appreciate that you have done so much to help with the sad state of public transportation in the Tampa area. I am contacting you to see if there any plans for Hartline to extend service in the USF area, specifically for stops close to the VA clinics off 46th St. & Fowler. I dropped my son off there this morning on the way to work for a VA appointment, and he caught the bus back. I've never noticed before, but there are no stops close to the clinics. If you go on the Hartline website it gives a walk of 38 minutes to the closest bus stop-then if you need to go anywhere else you've got multiple bus changes- but that's another issue not specific to this route. At any rate, my son is young & strong , so the walk, while inconvenient, especially if it's raining, is not insurmountable for him. However, many of our veterans are elderly or have mobility issues and I would think some thought would have been given to how easy it would be to access such a common destination. Not everyone has a car or money for cabs or Uber. If this issue has not been discussed at transportation meetings I think it would be valuable to the county's veteran population to bring it to the table.

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