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New Haven


Health Dept.


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Beaver Hills

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There is an aggressive wild animal in the neighborhood, attacking people. Today a huge adult groundhog was digging in my yard, and my elderly neighbor went down the yard to see what is was, and threw something at it. Immediately, it rushed at her, she fell down, and it attacked her, biting her on the side. I rushed to try to chase it off, and it came after me. When I grabbed a big stick, I was able to stop it, but it still stood its ground and wanted to fight. When I reported this to the police, they said it is my problem and that I will have to contract personally with an exterminator to get rid of it at my expense. But this is not my personal problem. It's a community problem. When is it going to bite a child passing by? Does it have a disease, causing it to act aggressively. It does not "live" on my property. I think it has its main hole on my neighbor's property, but it crosses mine, and travels all over the neighborhood, even out to the street. This should be a city health problem.

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