AC is kick out dust for me and my dog we sneeze a lot Archived

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Macon-Bibb County


PROPERTY MAINT - Home Repair Interior


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This Brookdale house AC in my apt is kick dust out with cool,And the freon keep going out. Have to keep put more in.Had new outer Ac put in. But kept older machine indoor. They had a ac man come in when maintaince man was out he said he need to get order to replace hose.maintenance man returned canceled ac man to come . Freon has a leak in it. And dust come out with cool air and my dog and I sneezing .I had a Stroke 3,-29-19 and cardiac pacemaker April 4 2019.On top of that i use C PAP MACHINE..I TOLD the lady on premise about she stuck on stupid. Dont know what she doing and lady Ms Tyson dont know either instead of doing job right.their number is 478 474-5311. This is manange by strategic management partners number 770 799 9916 fax 770 799 9917. My apt 72. The rent Lady Mame is Garcia.What you can do for me.Need help ASAP.

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