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City of St. Petersburg


Stormwater Issue


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This is the eighth time I have reported the displacement of this drain cover since March 2019. It keeps getting displaced by vehicles making a sharp right turn onto Snell Isle Blvd. NE from Cordova Blvd. on the northwest corner of the intersection. The barrier placed on top of the drain cover does not prevent this from happening. I recently witnessed the destruction of a barrier, which has since been replaced, by a pickup truck's large trailer as it rode over the top of the cover and crushed the barrier and smashed its yellow warning light. The only two solutions to this problem are either relocation of the drain or construction of cover supports strong enough to withstand vehicle assaults. Continuing to re-position the cover without modifying the cover supports is a waste of city resources and taxpayer money.

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A. Other Stormwater Issue
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A. Northwest corner of the intersection of Snell Isle Blvd. NE and Cordova Blvd. NE


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