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Traffic (Safety and Speeding)


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traffic, road safety


I totally agree with my neighbor! Boylston Street has had NUMEROUS problems - not just with speeding - but, also with people using our street as a short cut during peak traffic times to avoid the light/traffic at the Ferryway School crossing!

We have also expressed the DIRE NEED to LIMIT PARKING on Boylston Street to ONE SIDE ONLY! Again, does it have to take a TRAGEDY to get someone to act on this?!

ON MANY OCCASIONS emergency vehicles have had a difficult time trying to get down our street. Many vehicles on a daily basis are parked too close to the corners at Ferry Street and/or not close enough to the curb to allow easy access down the street. I was told that “the word” has been given to any/all emergency personnel that they may damage any vehicle impeding their efforts.

Hoping that some serious consideration can be given and the proper actions taken to make our street safe for all! I certainly understand that we have a serious parking problem here, but, ignoring the safety issues we have been facing here for a long time can only lead to disaster. Hoping action can be taken ** NOW ** to AVOID DISASTER!

Thank you.

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