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Streetlight Issues


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At the end of the offramp at this intersection this is what you see. These lights are at a very odd angle.If you’re looking at just the lights you wouldn’t know whether or not to go or to stop. This is a huge concern of mine the second day these lights were in operation there is a very serious accident. If these lights are not taken care of I see another accident in the future. it’s very confusing!! I would suggest somebody drive it. Not to mention the timing on these lights are horrible. Apparently they were put here because of the growing population yet I’ve never seen traffic backed up the way I do now with these lights!

also asked...
Q. Is the light out?
A. no
Q. Is the light turning off and on?
A. no
Q. What is the nearest street address to the light?
A. I-10 Wilmont

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