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My children are bussed from PS 16 to Danforth. I am becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of a safe area for the numerous buses to pull over on Grand and Washington. Every morning and afternoon the buses gridlock the street, and create major traffic because there is not adequate parking for the 6 plus buses that are needed to facilitate getting these spillover children to their Danforth school. Children are forced to walk into the street to get to their double parked buses- it's an accident waiting to happen. How do we go about removing residential street parking on Washington Street from Grand to Sussex to help with this issue? If you stop allowing residents to park on Washington in front os PS 16, it will greatly expedite the bus situation and make things MUCH safer for pedestrians and drivers in that area.

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A. Regulations need to be revisited. I am a tax paying land owner in Jersey City and already greatly trepidatious about having to bus my young children outside of the area where they were zoned to attend school. I don't want to be terrified about a bus accident on top of that because parking regulations haven't been updated to accommodate the increased number of buses this year. Please attend to this manner in a timely fashion.

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