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Drainage/Flooding Issue Acknowledged

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Treasure Island, FL


Drainage/Flooding Issue


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Treasure Island




flood, drain problem


Permanent set-up of pvc pipe draining soapy water into street close to bay.

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Q. What is the issue?
A. I'm new to the area, but I can't believe anything like this is actually legal here. Namely, homeowners setting up a system to drain soapy water into the street, instead of it going into the sewer system (Judging by the amount of soap, I'd say, it was from an outside washing machine.) But whatever the source, I saw it as I was walking past 36 80th Ter., where soapy water (bleach? chemicals?) was gushing from a drainage pipe that is running on top o?f a low cement wall. The pipe comes from somewhere in the back of the property to the front of the property and empties into the street. And from there the water runs right down the street and directly into the bay. Surely there are laws that protect bay waters.
Q. Where is the issue located?
A. 36 80th Ter. Treasure Island FL


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