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City of St. Petersburg


Traffic Issue


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the city keeps closing this as if something has been done. I was told the city was going to paint parking spots here. nothing has been done. who's supposed to be doing this and when? certainly no resolution or a discussion of how it's going to be handled is given on this seeclickfix app that I've ever seen. you just close things as if they're resolved because you told somebody about it. I guess I should consider everything resolved because I told you about them? I don't think you understand that's not how it actually works.

the police drive by this area all the time and don't do anything about it. sorry Cato this is not the properties across the street, this is just people parking in the street but this app forces you to put in some kind of address and when I click there that's the address it pulls up.

so City when you close something or acknowledge it, what are you saying when nothing has been done? no resolution is actually given through this website. I have also reported this to police but, this should not be needed to be reported to police when they drive by all the time and do nothing. shouldn't the city want to address this with police and ask them why they are not doing anything? or is that my job too even though I believe the mayor is responsible for the police? And the city has not addressed the signage or painting parking spaces on the street.

so I guess the city just passes the buck back to the citizens to say oh citizens you need to address this with police? the city has no interest in asking police why they are not doing anything when they drive by all the time? how about some better communications from the city and actually addressing issues and following through, by explaining what's going to be done, when and by who?


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