Roadway Litter/Trash Acknowledged

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Howard County, MD


Roadway Litter/Trash


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Ellicott City




As a Howard County resident living in the brand-new Ellicott’s Retreat at 8920 Carls Court, Ellicott City 21043, I saw a bags of trash hit by a car coming north on North Ridge Dr. near the Walmart store this morning. At the end of the work day all that trash was all over the road, on sidewalks, near fencing and everywhere you looked. This happened very near the WalMart store. I would have tried to pick it up, but traffic there is continual and I did not want to put myself in danger. I am reporting this is the hopes that the mess can be cleaned up soon. It is truly an eyesore.

also asked...
Q. What does the litter/trash consist of? (i.e. cans, Tires, cardboard, plastic)
A. Bags of opened trash spread over the roadway
Q. Is any of litter large and/or hazardous?
A. Large
Q. Where is the litter/trash located? (nearby intersection, milestone, landmark, etc.)
A. On N. Ridge Rd between Carl's Court and WalMart


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