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Weed & Litter Complaint


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Since my original call on Aug 19 I have made 2 calls to 311 (case 190819-000284)
Sept 6 (called for update and was told was submitted to planning and there is a 30 day window for "planning" to @#$% from the original date of submission), and I called again today, Sept 19 ( no update so the 311 operator submitted a new case number 190919-000660 was supposed to be escalated and linked to previous case number). In all of my calls I emphasized the hazard the bushes are causing when traveling west on signal and crossing over Ventura. The bushes obstruct the view of traffic traveling north on Ventura. There have been several accidents at this corner in the past few months. This is a main travel route for high schoolers traveling to La Cueva HS and for parents traveling to Desert Ridge Middle School. Please see the pictures attached. The first one shows the bushes, the car behind the bushes you can't see and the 2nd picture shows the vehicle that was obstructed behind the bushes. Please send someone out to rectify this situation. I believe this is likely something the city needs to take care of as this vegetation is right along the road, and not the responsibility of the homeowner. I would appreciate a call back regarding this issue. I believe with this safety hazard being brought to your attention for over a month is too long. Thank you for your concern

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