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City of St. Petersburg


Sidewalk/Curb Repair


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There are a number of places on the bike path along Pinellas Bayway which were dug up by someone (Spectrum, Frontier, or someone else) and then very poorly repaired. I submitted a request to do a repair and one of the locations was addressed. But that second repair is very sloppy and I would be surprised if the City was satisfied with that workmanship. Attached is the poor repair in another location just 50 or so yards east of the previously attended damage to the path. It needs to be repaired and the crew working on this needs to walk the path to see the other areas needing attention. This bike path is a beautiful addition to our community used by many and deserves to be maintained in a better manner than was the case with these repairs.

also asked...
Q. Is this a curb or sidewalk issue?
A. Sidewalk
Q. Location of sidewalk/curb issue?
A. Bike path between Vista del Oro on the west and Point Brittany on the east.
Q. Is the sidewalk made of hex blocks?
A. No

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