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On-street Parking Issues


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Hello City of Chelsea You Are Creating RESENTMENT AND RACISM when you allow certain people to park on street and not others!!!! Fighting racism starts with our leaders!!!! According to the City of Chelsea there is no parking 7am to 4pm on Garland Street 9/23-9/25. Yesterday our tax dollars paid for a police officer to provide a verbal request to the tenants who live at 87 Garland Street. There is parking for 10 cars behind this house and it’s FULL so that should tell u to take a look at an overpopulation issue. But these people get a heads up warning from someone in your office every time you have tried to check it out

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Q. An immediate Parking issue should be reported to the Chelsea Parking Enforcement during regular business hours at (617) 884-3100 and the Police Department during night-time hours at (617) 466-4662. If you wish to report any other issue, please provide pertinent details, such as address, vehicle plate number, times of day, etc.
A. No Answer Given

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