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Newnan, GA


Drainage Problems


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We have a drainage issue at the corner of The Blvd and Olmstead Trace that has been a problem for 4 years or more. In the rainy season, the sidewalk is completely flooded and inaccessible, which means residents must walk in the street to pass this flooded area. After the water is eventually absorbed there is mud that collects there creating a slipping hazard and a mess.
Even during summer dry seasons the water ponds there when sprinklers are in use. It often covers the entire sidewalk.
I believe there is a simple solution since there is a storm drain directly adjacent to this location. It might be possible to drill or create a drainage hole that would allow water to drain properly. Or, possibly a small channel that would lead to the curb allowing it to drain?
I tried to get our HOA to take steps to remedy this but they felt it was City Business.
This is a busy sidewalk and many use it.
Thank you for you attention and all you do. 🙂

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