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City of Salem


Missed Trash, Recycling or Yard Waste


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City of Salem






Did not pickup yard waste again this happens all the time waste Management is pathetic and useless if you call the telephone number that’s on the city of Salem’s website to report missed pickup they just lie to you and tell you they sent a request for pickup and nothing happens, the city of Salem should be ashamed of themselves for hiring idiots like this that make people waste their time lugging the yard waste out and don’t do their job of picking it up!

also asked...
Q. Was there a holiday this week? If yes, trash pickup will be one day later this week.
A. No
Q. Is this address residential or commercial?
A. Residential
Q. Is this for Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste or More than one?
A. Yard Waste
Q. Was your entire street missed or just your address alone?
A. Myself and next door neighbor don’t know about the rest of the street
Q. Please describe the specific list of items that were missed:
A. Grass yard waste in uncovered rubbish barrel


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