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80' tall dead tree ready to fall onto Habitat for Humanity House and kill small children Open

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Bojangles expanded their parking lot and access points to their parking lot. In doing so, two large trees were killed. On of the two trees has been steadily falling apart for the last several months. Limbs the size of small trees have been steadily falling into the entrance of Bojangles for weeks. Most of of the limbs have now fallen out of the tree. Not much left except for a towering monolith poised to fall into the bedroom of small children in a Habit for Humanity House.

The tree is located on an a lot adjacent to the expanded entrance to Bojangles. I am in the process of trying to purchase that lot. But I have checked into the expense of having the dead trees removed and it will cost over $3000.00 to have them dropped and removed.

I contacted the owner of the property, (Pearson Properties), that was developed for Bojangles. They informed me that Bojangles was in fact responsible for the development of the property. I contacted Bojangles real estate department. They informed me the contractor was responsible for the development and any collateral damages. The contractor then informed me they were not responsible since the tree was not on the property they developed.

The property the tree is located on has been seized by one of the banks holding a mortgage on the property. They were also informed of the potential hazards. They sent out a couple of untrained fellows to drop the two dead trees. After they started to cut one of the trees down. They realized quickly they were out of their league and stopped in mid cut. The tree has been notched and only needs a back cut or a strong wind to drop it in the direction of the Habitat for Humanity House. It may not be tall enough to reach the house and do substantial damage, but it will fall into the Bojangles right of way.

The City of Gastonia was made aware of the hazard as well. But because it is not on a city right of way and on private property, there is nothing they can do. The house on the property with the dead trees has already been cited by the city for multiple code violations, but that is the extent of the city's actions.

It is a typical pass the buck situation. But who will left holding the buck when this tree falls into this Habitat for Humanity House? The ground is over saturated. One more strong thunderstorm with strong winds could claim the life of a small child. All because no one could be held accountable.

I will try and upload some photos and videos in a second posting from my phone. If not uploaded I can be contacted at Tire Country, 704 866-9144.

Thanks for you interest in helping to resolve this death trap as soon as possible.

Steve Fortner

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