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Sewer Blockage Acknowledged

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Sewer Blockage


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My sanitary sewer had run slowly, as so I've dug up about 20 feet of the line from the house exterior to a point in my yard - it runs clean. I've also run a "rooter" (rental from Home Depot) approximately 70 feet down the rest of the line toward the street, to the point that the end of the cable is about 4 feet under the asphalt. That's as far as I could get it to go, and it feels like it is digging through dirt. I suspect that either the sewer is backed up and needs the trap to be cleaned, or I've got a collapsed line. I'm asking for an inspector to come out to look at the city sewer to tell me if the sewer is adequately clear that its not backing up into my sewer line. - Art Michel- 206 230 0475

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Q. Location - Where is the issue located?
A. approximately at the border between paved street and my front yard.
Q. Is the issue located inside or outside?
A. Outside
Q. What is blocked (toilet, bathtub, etc..)?
A. sanitary sewer
Q. Is water visible?
A. No
Q. Has this happened before?
A. No
Q. Have you had any recent work completed on your property?
A. No
Q. Do you know if service is impacted to your neighbors or other surrounding properties?
A. No
Q. How long has this issue been a problem?
A. It became noticeable on Friday- a basement toilet overflowed when doing laundry.
Q. Have you contacted a plumber or contractor?
A. No
Q. Do you know if you are you connected to the City Lakeline?
A. Unknown

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