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Illegal Dumping on Right-of-Way


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On March 13, the contractors that built the new homes on Arbor Place subdivision illegally dump the debris in our neighborhood. They built new homes on Persimmon Trace and Arbor Place streets and used our vacant lots as a dumbing site. I have contracted the commissioner to report this issue and nothing has been done. We have a lot of kids that play in these area and it is very unsafe for our children and is depreciating our property value. I have a video that would not upload with pictures of the truck with the DOT number on the side dumping the debris. The DOT 1383637; Red Dump Truck, a white male was driving and I think the owner of the company is Christopher.

also asked...
Q. Is debris on right-of-way?
A. Yes
Q. What kind of items were dumped? (Bags, Mattresses, etc.)
A. left over house material, concrete, pipes, glass
Q. Name of Street
A. Persimmon Trace
Q. What are the crossroads closest to the area?
A. Persimmon Trace and Laurel Way

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