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The Siesta Inn, at 7141 4th St North, has large hedges in the front which obscure the southerly view of cars on northbound 4th Street, for drivers stopped at the adjacent intersection with 72nd Ave N. The problem involves the 4th Street's right-most lane. Cars stooped facing west on 72nd Ave N cannot see oncoming traffic approaching fro that right lane, while they're trying to make a right-on-red turn (and head north, themselves). The inn sits at the southeast corner of the intersection. The only way to see traffic speedily approaching from that particular nearest lane of northbound 4th Street is to ease out past the avenue's stop line and thus fully block the pedestrian crossing at that light facing 72nd Ave N. Doing so is, itself, then inherently dangerous to bicyclists & pedestrians. The Siesta Inn keeps its hedges neatly trimmed, BUT the placement and angle of one particular hedge is what is blocking the traffic view for drivers stopped on 72nd Ave N, nearby. Many times, I've thought the group of oncoming cars rushing up 4th St had ended, only to suddenly see more cars approaching within 4th Street's right-most lane, as if from nowhere. This is an accident waiting to happen! A driver entering 4th Street at the wrong moment will be T-boned on his/her side of their car and killed. Someone at the city, county or state level should order that inn to either severely cut back or remove the hedge in question. Thank you.

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