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On Sunday, October 13th, our neighbors, the Molellas, either directed this gentleman to trim the palm tree directly in front of our house or did it themselves. Before, the tree was lush and beautiful, but now it looks like a toothpick. You can see the stump of the tree in this photograph, right up against the gentleman's back. The palm tree is a few inches away from our lot, so it is on common property. It is also in our view, and it was a beautiful tree. I presume the Molellas wished to trim the tree to improve their view (at 6 Ramshorn Ct.), but it has ruined ours. Do Lou and Gerry Molella have the right to butcher trees that are not on their property--particularly when it impacts their neighbors so drastically?

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A. 7 Ramshorn Ct., Savannah, GA 31411

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