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Traffic Signal Trouble


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I bike on the Diagonal Trail. I’m glad there is now a protected 2-way bike lane on the east side of 18th. However, crossing the street, southbound on the Diagonal at the northeast corner of Stinson and Hennepin is dangerous! Westbound cars on Hennepin turn right on a red light there, without even looking to see if bikes/peds are using the path. I have narrowly escaped being hit twice this week at that spot. There is a “No turn on red” sign there, but motorists routinely ignore that sign. Further, the Diagonal trail is obscured by the railroad bridge structure so they don’t see me coming, lit up and very visible. Please do something about this potentially dangerous situation.

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Q. Enter intersection street names
A. Stinson and Hennepin, northeast corner
Q. Select the problem
A. Other
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A. Described earlier
Q. Date Observed (MM/DD/YY)
A. 10/15/2019
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A. 0550
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A. North

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