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Fitchburg, MA


Sanitary Sewage (wastewater) Issue


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Out side the building smells like rotten eggs
Inside 3rd floor smells like sewer, staff have been experiencing coughing and headaches. We are told that currently they are cleaning the pipes the system, at this point we don't know what is going on, Theirs a chemical smell as well as a sewer smell. The mixture is strong, causing me myself to feel light headed. Unsure if what is going on is safe, no one is telling staff on the 3rd floor anything. We told our superior, he is aware of the problem, but not aware I am contacting you. We as staff want to know is this building safe for us to work in, or is it going to make us sick. Because all of us have been sick with sinus infections, and other issues since this started over 4 weeks ago. We want you the Health department to verify and ensure we are working is a safe building. We have had fans running daily, doors open, we hear its fixed then within a day, we smell it again. But this issue has been going on for rover 4 weeks,. We need this problem resolved as soon as you can, this is horrible. Please do something. I don't want to get in trouble here.

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Q. Is the issue one of the following (select one)?
A. Sewer Gases Odor
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A. We do not know, we heard the pipes outside on the street where clogged then inside this building, we have been told that they are clear, but the smell is still here.
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A. 473 Main Street 3rd Floor


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