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Very dangerous intersection at W and E Ashbridge and N/S High Street/100 Open

1-99 W Ashbridge St West Chester, PA 19380, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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This is a four way intersection that has two stop signs on W and E Ashbridge. N/SHigh street/100 traffic has the right of way in both directions. WAshbridge is a thru street to Routes 322 and 162 and traffic on the West side of Ashbridge can be heavy and often backs up on that side as people try to move onto or cross High street/100 with the fast moving traffic. It is very difficult to cross High street with its heavy flow of traffic and/or turn in either direction. There have been many near misses and I am sure accidents at this intersection. Putting stop signs on High Street or traffic lights would also flow the speed of traffic on N/SHigh Street/100 down as that area is posted at 35 or less and many cars are doing well above the speed limit there. Something needs to be done before fatalities occur.

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