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I lived on Victoria hill about 7 years ago for about 5 years. During that time Onni was still developing their “Master Planned” neighborhood. Around this time there was already a shortage of parking, and this was way before the towers on the east side and the center block. The city entrusted Onni to do a parking study of some sort to determine whether or not there was/is adequate parking in Victoria Hill. To nobody’s surprise Onni reported to the city that there was adequate parking and the city took their word for it. When you drive around Victoria Hill you dont have to be a civil engineer to see that there is very little parking and I’m sure finding a spot is a nightmare. People that are Evo customers complain that they have paid for Evo and can’t find a spot. What about the other residents that pay huge insurance rates, plus out of control gasoline prices and property taxes they can’t find a spot either? This whole preferred parking for Evo is a joke. Rode sharing is great but find a spot like everyone else. We moved out of Victoria hill because we could see that this master planned community wasn’t thought out very well at all and the city did (and continues) to do nothing about it.

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