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For the past week and two days my neighbor flood light attached to his roof have me feeling like a prisoners in my own home.

according to the section 5-22 outdoor lighting control this a violation letter A through J

I would really appreciate some help in getting the light removed. I contacted
my HOA and now it going on two and nothing has been done.
5-22-1 Findings
The purpose of this article is to create standards for outdoor lighting to increase compatibility of
different land uses by minimizing light pollution, glare, and light trespass caused by inappropriate or
misaligned light fixtures, while improving nighttime public safety, utility, and security, and preserving
the rural, environmental, and scenic qualities of the City of Madison.
5-22-2 Definitions for Outdoor Lighting Control
Unless the context specifically indicates otherwise, the following terms and phrases, as used in this
article, shall have the meanings designated in this section:
a. "Zoning Administrator" shall mean the Zoning Administrator of the City of Madison or
his/her representative.
b. "Fully Shielded" shall mean a technique or method of construction and/or manufacture
which does not allow any light dispersion to shine above the horizontal plane from the
lowest light emitting point of the light fixture. In addition, the light emitting, distributing,
reflecting and refracting components of the light fixture, i.e. lamp, lens, reflective surface,
etc., shall not extend beyond the shielding of the fixture. Any structural part of the light
fixture providing this shielding shall be permanently affixed to the light fixture.
c. "Glare" shall mean artificial light that causes annoyance, discomfort, or loss of visual
performance and visibility.
d. "Installed" shall mean the initial installation of outdoor light fixtures defined herein,
following the effective date of this article. A project with an approved building permit
prior to the effective date of this ordinance is excluded from compliance with the article
for the initial installation only.
e. "Light pollution" shall mean any artificial light that causes a detrimental effect on the
environment, and/or enjoyment of the night sky or causes undesirable glare or light
f. "Light trespass" shall mean artificial light that produces an unnecessary and unwanted
illumination of an adjacent property.
g. "Luminous tube lighting" shall mean gas-filled tubing which, when subjected to high
voltage, becomes luminescent in a color characteristic of the particular gas used, e.g.
neon, argon, etc.
h. "Outdoor light fixtures" shall mean outdoor electrically powered illuminating devices,
outdoor light or reflective or refractive surfaces, lamps and similar devices including all
parts used to distribute the light and/or protect the lamp, permanently installed or
portable, used for flood lighting, general illumination or advertisement. Such devices shall
include, but are not limited to, search, spot, and flood lights for:
1. buildings and structures, including canopies and overhangs;
2. recreation facilities;
3. bike paths, greenbelts and parks;
4. parking lot lighting;
5. landscape lighting;
6. billboards and other signs (advertising and other);
7. street lighting,
8. display and service areas; and
9. walkway lighting
The Zoning Ordinance of the City of Madison
Updated July 2019
i. "Outdoor recreation facility" shall mean an area designed for active recreation, whether
publicly or privately owned, including, but not limited to, baseball and softball diamonds,
soccer and football fields, golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools.
j. "Uplighting" shall mean any artificial light source that distributes light above an imaginary
horizontal plane passing through the lowest light emitting point of the light fixture.
5-22-3 General Requirements
a. All outdoor light fixtures installed after the effective date of this article and thereafter
maintained upon property used for commercial, industrial, multi-family purposes or
governmental purposes (excluding rights-of-way), as defined in the Zoning Code of the
City of Madison, shall be fully shielded. In addition, light trespass and glare on, from, or
onto any property shall be limited to a reasonable level through the use of shielding and
directional lighting methods, including, but not limited to, fixture location and height.
b. Externally illuminated signs, advertising displays, billboards, and building identification
shall use top mounted light fixtures which shine light downward and which are fully
c. The use of mercury vapor fixtures or lamps for outdoor lighting is prohibited.
d. Outdoor light fixtures used to illuminate flags, statues, or any other objects mounted on a
pole, pedestal, or platform shall use a very narrow cone of light for the purpose of
confining the light to the object of interest and minimize spill-light and glare.
e. Outdoor light fixtures used for outdoor recreational facilities shall be fully shielded except
when such shielding would cause an impairment to the visibility required in the intended
recreational activity. In such cases, partially shielded fixtures and directional lighting
methods shall be utilized to limit light pollution, glare and light trespass to a reasonable
level, as determined by the Zoning Administrator, without diminishing the performance
standards of the intended recreational activity. Illumination from recreational facility light
fixtures shall be shielded to minimize glare extending toward roadways where
impairment of motorist vision might cause a hazard.
f. In addition to the provisions in this article, all outdoor light fixtures shall be installed in
conformity with all other applicable provisions of this municipal code

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