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Dear Mayor Christenson and Board of Health of Malden,
I’m reporting an environmental health issue an behalf of concerned residents from 260 Main Street Malden Mass.
Since spring 2019, our neighboring lot owned by National Grid has been constantly serving as a construction site and depository for excavated wastes. It’s understandable that this site is used for occasional temporary projects. However, due to their constant usage for many months and on, the noise and waste dusts pose long term health hazards to our residents here in especially to kids and elderly.
The excavated wastes are often stored here and the moved away before new wastes come again.
My son has developed coughing for over a month. According to his pediatrician, it’s not cold related but due to irritation from environments.
As a community we are very concerned about the long term impact on our health. Please look into this matter as soon as possible so that we can have it addressed.
Thank you so much!
Sincerely yours
Residents from Uptown Condo at 260 Main St Malden.

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