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Intersection of East Ave & Carrigan Drive is a serious, possibly fatal, accident waiting to happen. Acknowledged

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Folks come speeding down the hill from the hospital, way over 25 mph and way, way over the 15 mph limit for Carrigan. (This includes UVMCC buses). Permanently installed :your current speed" sign is needed. I'm at this intersection twice a day for only a few minutes and at least once a week I see someone ignoring the "no right turn when lit" sign. One lady came close to running me down - she was visibly shaken (as was I) and extremely apologetic but really, this needs to be addressed. Multiply the few times I'm at that corner by the rest of the times I'm not there and you've got a LOT of potential accidents. Additionally: the crossing time is only 10 seconds for a pedestrian to cross multiple lanes. Pedestrian crossing times downtown are way longer to cross a way shorter distance. What's with that? If you're goal is not to inconvenience drivers at the risk of pedestrian injury or death than you're doing great. Finally, the pedestrian crossing light at East & Carrigan is completely disabled after 9pm. I have no problem with blinking yellow on East Ave and blinking Red on Carrigan at that hour, but at least keep the effing pedestrian crossing light functional. I can't be the only one who works late at UVM/UVMCC who's really bothered (as in frightened) by having to cross under these conditions.
I have cut and pasted this from my previous comments on need for flashing Ped light at East & Bilodeau because, as might be inferred by the vehemence of my language, I think this issue merits it's own posting.

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