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at 1155am I was sitting at the corner of Minnie and and alley just north of Post, I see a pick up truck come out of the alleyway behind the business Latino 2 AT72520 with 2 women in the cab with tires stacked 4 feet about the back of the bed and a tire fell off, then they made a hard right on Minnie where more tires fell out and the lady was swerving back and forth forcefully as if to make the tires fall, I turned around and attempted to follow them tires continued to fall out as they swerved back and forth, as it made a hard right onto Hollis then a hard left onto Minnis where another dozen tires fell out and I pulled over cause I couldnt pass the road. I observed them continue to swerve harshly down minnie side to side until they turned hard left on Waldemar and disappeared. I called the police as a couple children went into the street to move the tires to the sides of the road. PD said they already had a call on it. I continued onto Layton and observed several more tires in the road and a man near the corner of Post on Layton was picking up tires next to the curb that rolled into his yard and the street. I went back to the corner of the Alley and Minnie St. when the pick up truck pulled down the alley from Layton and the passenger threw out some trash from the cab, I began to drive toward her as she crossed the street to open a wooden gate and told her to pick up her trash she picked up an orange soda bottle and threw it in the back of the bed of the truck. I told her as I passed that I was calling the cops and recommended she go pick up the tires, she looked both ways as the pick up backed in behind the fence. I called Latinos 2 and asked for the owner, spoke to him in spanish and told him I was calling the cops and didnt appreciate his business tactics he began to use explertives and I terminated the call. I called the HCPD back and gave them the details.

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