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On Friday last week in a span of 5 minutes, I almost rear ended or ran into both a school bus, and a city transit bus! And it was no fault of my own. They were both pulling out onto main streets from side streets making right hand turns as I was driving on the main streets in the far right lane. There clearly was not enough time for them to pull out, and get up to speed in time for me or anyone else to not have to slam on the brakes and skid to a stop, or slide out of control! Just because you are driving a school bus, or a city transit bus does not give you the right to make bad desicions behind the wheel. This is reckless driving pure and simple. Someone needs to make an example of these drivers, and it needs to be before they cause a major accident, and in the case of the school bus, a major accident involving children. Something needs to be done!

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