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Parking Violation/Abandoned Auto


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This is approximately the 9th illegally-registered, out-of-state vehicle that has been parked on First St by a single owner, who lives at 80 First St, 1st floor apt. All of his vehicles are parked on the single block of First St, between Greenwich Ave & Howard Ave. He has boasted publicly (via social media) that he collects cars as a hobby and is using First St as his personal parking lot for his car collection! Four of his vehicles are registered in Vermont, the rest have ‘temporary’ Texas marker plates. As soon as these ‘temporary’ plates expire, they are replaced with new ‘temporary’ Texas plates. To me this suggests some fraudulent, criminal activity. Am I missing something here??
I have contacted: Police; Dept of Transportation, Traffic & Parking; Tax Collector; Tax Assessor. Despite the fact that he is cheating the city out of hundreds of dollars in tax revenue—and therefore essentially stealing all of the services which YOU taxpayers enjoy, such as on-street parking, trash pickup, street sweeping, snow plowing, public schools, fire & police protection—AND despite the fact that those ‘temporary’ Texas plates are continually being replaced 'might' suggest that something more nefarious is going on—I nevertheless am told that there is “absolutely nothing” your city can do about it—except issue a parking ticket for any of his cars that don’t move after 72 hours. (To avoid this, the owner simply moves his cars from one side of the street to the other.)
Dept. of Transportation, Traffic & Parking suggested I apply for a zoned “Residential Parking District”. So essentially I am being told that I myself must ‘jump through hoops’ to fix this problem, because Your and My Employees—i.e. city staff who are being paid via Your and My Taxes—simply can’t be bothered to fix this themselves.
If Mayor-elect Elicker uses NextDoor, I’d urge him to explain on the NextDoor site how he plans to address this problem of: 1. illegal car registrations, 2. the resultant revenue loss, 3. the dead wood among city staff who apparently think it requires “too much effort” to fix this. NOTE that if this much tax cheating is taking place on just ONE block of your city, imagine how many $$Thousands in tax revenue is being lost overall, because city staffers refuse to deal effectively with blatant illegal registrations.
Apparently it’s much easier to raise YOUR taxes than to address such massive revenue leaks. And if even a new mayor won’t fix this, then get ready to hold onto your wallets—because more tax hikes are inevitable.


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