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DOUBLE WHAMMY - Hit by TWO CARS in one shopping trip. Archived

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Hello, I went to Walmart at approximately 6:20 pm. After watching a family load groceries in the fire lane and then enter into the vehicle, the back seat passenger opened the door directly into the main traffic lane. The hit my car with the door, just missing the any windowed area, which caused me to damage their door at the hinges. After shopping in Walmart, I departed at approximately 7:49 pm. As I was leaving, another car struck my vehicle since it could not see me approaching due to an SUV blocking their vision. Walmart needs to designate a grocery loading area to prevent people from parking in the fire lane to load groceries and make the lanes one directional instead of every lane being bi-directional!!!!! I have to now try to get two different insurance companies to fix my car. I will more than likely have problems from the first one incident because they wanted to act like I was in the wrong!!! Please help! Where do I report this type of problem? Police Report numbers 20101220182103 and 20101220194901.

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