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Dangerous Narrow Road Open

101-199 James Rd Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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James Road is very dangerous from Miller Lane to Sutton!!! The intersection of Miller and James going South on James, the limbs and brush have overgrown the road that you scratch your vehicle if someone approaches. Pictured on the left side of the photograph. On the right side, all they have done to the road is put gravel down instead of paving the road wider. The road is entirely two narrow for two cars, there are no lines painted on the road including a CENTER line? Deep ditches on the side is super dangerous if someone doesn’t move over when passing!!! And you can take out a mailbox when another car is passing if you do not stop or wait for the other car. This is absolutely ridiculous that a road this populated has not been fixed!! Major subdivision Hampton Village, Hampton Cove Cemetery and New Salem Baptist Church contain heavy traffic on this road!!! Hopefully they will also consider a traffic light on the intersection of James and Sutton. The work on HWY 431, Sutton Road and Cecil Ashburn has more traffic on James Road now more than ever.

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