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Due to the shutdown of the Trumbull Street Bridge, there is now a greatly increased flow of traffic backed up onto Sachem Street down to Whitney Avenue during the day. Drivers are getting frustrated, as the traffic lights are timed to accomodate lighter traffic (it is usually much less there with the Trumbull Bridge operational); this frustration is resulting in drivers ignoring the large "No Turn on Red" sign clearly posted on Whitney, as they make right-hand turns onto Whitney, ignoring also the walk sign for the pedestrians. I was nearly struck today while crossing with three small children! There are two lanes of traffic coming onto Whitney Avenue from Sachem, and it seems that if the right-hand lane of traffic starts disobeying the sign and turns on red, it will be VERY dangerous for pedestrians. What solutions is Traffic and Parking proposing to accomodate the overflow from Prospect Street and having the bridge out? Thanks.

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