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drinking, urinating, smashing glass bottles & bullying There's a group of hooligans that sit at the chessboard tables next to the stairs to exit pressuring kids leaving the park, to buy drugs. These hooligans are hassling kids to buy their drugs, while kids are just trying to leave the park. This group of younger people say "this is our city & we're going to do whatever we want to, whenever we want to." These same people are drinking alcohol & smoking marijuana in the park after the lights shut off, smashing glass bottles, urinating in the park & they leave a mess. These r the same people who spray painted red on the basket ball courts. At night time this group of people sit on the bleachers or at the chessboard tables at the corner. Drunk urinating in a park exposing urself to people walking by & this has been going on for years. Walking home at night from work I would witness this and I started walking up Lexington Street instead of East Eagle Street to get to Marion Street. The area & park are beautiful and can be peaceful. Thank you

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