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Backup / Water In Basement Acknowledged

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City of Mercer Island


Backup / Water In Basement


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Mercer Island



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Leak in water valve. Located in box from street

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Q. Location - Where is the issue located?
A. valve box from street
Q. Is the issue located inside or outside?
A. Outside
Q. What is backing up (toilet, bathtub, etc..)?
A. no backup. just leaking
Q. Is water visible?
A. Yes
Q. Has this happened before?
A. No
Q. Have you had any recent work completed on your property?
A. No
Q. Do you know if service is impacted to your neighbors or other surrounding properties?
A. Unknown
Q. How long has this issue been a problem?
A. unsure how long leaking. water bill high last month
Q. Have you contacted a plumber or contractor?
A. No
Q. Do you know if you are you connected to the City Lakeline?
A. Unknown

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