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The entire apartment/condo complex is infested with rats. They are in the ceilings, walls, burrowing into the living areas. My daughter lives there with her husband and infant and this has been an ongoing issue for the past year. When she uses the bathroom, you can hear rats scurrying underneath her tub which is affixed to the floor. If you knock on the walls you can hear them in the walls. The management company only offered traps and poison, however with an infant and pets, this is not an option and it does not affect the rats living in the attic, ceiling & walls. My daughter has gone to them multiple times about the issue both last year and recently. A month went by and nothing was done and in fear for her infant and pets, she went back to the management leasing office and the girl told her that it is not just her apartment/condo, that it is the entire apartment complex that is infested. They are refusing to let tenants out of their leases and are doing the bare minimum when they need to consider the safety of their tenants as well as the diseases that rats carry.

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