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Traffic/Pedestrian Signal Complaint


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Dear Cambridge Traffic Parking and Transportation Staff,

I wanted to alert you to the traffic situation that has been created by the new "No Turn On Red" sign at the intersection of Rindge Ave and Alewife Brook Parkway. Since that sign has been installed, during high traffic-volume times, traffic is now backing up from Alewife Brook Parkway all the way back to Mass Ave. That's nearly a mile of cars sitting in traffic barely moving.

This is also causing traffic to back up onto the side streets that feed onto Rindge Ave.

This adversely effects commuters, school buses, pedestrians, children on their way to school, crossing guards, curbside collection workers, and people with air quality issues.

I left my house at 7:30 this morning, and traffic was already backed up nearly to Mass Ave because of that new sign.

I'm hopeful you can remove the sign and find another pedestrian safety solution at that intersection that doesn't back up traffic so badly.

Thanks very much for considering this.

Freedom Baird
20 Reed Street
Cambridge, MA
c: 617-529-6744

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