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On-street Parking Issues


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Reporting this yet again. This is either illegal and it’s been a month with nothing done by the parking office or police which is insane, or it is somehow legal to park halfway on the sidewalk, which is just as if not more mind boggling. These two cars, MA plates 7HC941 and 4LL770 are parked in their normal spot, blocking half the sidewalk across the street from a busy middle school. Honestly, is this ever going to be addressed? Is the city just okay with middle schoolers having to walk in the street?

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Q. An immediate Parking issue should be reported to the Chelsea Parking Enforcement during regular business hours at (617) 884-3100 and the Police Department during night-time hours at (617) 466-4662. If you wish to report any other issue, please provide pertinent details, such as address, vehicle plate number, times of day, etc.
A. 7HC941 and 4LL770

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